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AkTek XXI Ltd. company has supplied Russia and CIS countries with the high-technology equipment of the leading world known IT manufactures since 2001

About us

AkTek XXI Ltd. company has supplied Russia  and CIS countries with the high-technology equipment of leading world known IT manufactures  since 2001.

The fields of our work are growing constantly. Today we deliver and support diverse professional equipment, which can be applied at different areas, such us: archive systems for processing and permanent storage of the information, measuring and diagnostic systems, reverse engineering systems, different equipment for scientific and education applications, equipment for manufacturing and electronics testing of wide range of components and chips.

AkTek XXI Ltd. provides customers with equipment under their requests. Customers can place an order for different equipment, including the products of Russian and international manufacturers in accordance with their needs, including those products and venders that are not presented among our main partners. We can hold negotiations with the companies which produce a non-standard and rare equipment to meet the customer’s objectives.

We have been working with wide range of customers, they are: universities, scientific institutes, state and private owned companies, industrial businesses, scientific institutes and leading system integrators.

Philosophy of our company means only reliable solutions, only the best support and personal approach. Our managers are the graduates of the leading technical universities. We provide our customers with professional consulting to make proper decision about choice and using of equipment. We are focused on the long-term partnership and are always open to collaborate with our clients. If you want to purchase our equipment or need consultation feel free to contact us, we are ready help you!

Our clients

Lomonosov MSU



Saint Petersburg

Russian Academy of Scienes


Bauman MSTU


Omsk State Technical University