Diagnostics of the electronic hardware
high-efficiency diagnostic systems, functional diagnostic systems, the diagnostic of the printed circuit boards and electronic modules at the component level

The diagnostics of the electronic hardware

AkTek XXI Ltd. offer on the market high-efficiency diagnostic systems, functional diagnostic systems, the diagnostic of the  printed circuit boards and electronic modules at the component level.

Our engineers are ready to provide customers with such services as the faults-finding in an electronic boards and modules, extending life and reverse-engineering of the electronic boards and circuits. This is very needed to maintain the very high reliability and the working capacity of the electronic boards, modules and systems.

This products are meant to serve the companies, which dealt with the industrial production, the energetics industry, the public transport industry and other areas. Because they need the service and maintenance work of the highest efficiency of the electronic systems, which contain  printed circuit boards.

AkTek XXI Ltd. practices full cycle projects:  pre-project activities, selection, delivery, installation, and check-out of the diagnostic equipment and staff training and service as well.

AkTek XXI Ltd. is an exclusive representative of the company «Diagnosys Test Systems» Limited (The United Kingdom), www.diagnosys.com — a world leader in the field of  upgrading and extending the life-cycle of the radio-electronic equipment, reverse engineering and functional diagnostics of the analog circuits and digital integral grids

Since 1991 «Diagnosys Test Systems» deals with the production and selling of the special technical equipment and functional diagnostic services of the radioelectronic devices, extending the life-cycle and the reverse-engineering of the analog and digital electronic circuits. Our solutions give you a possibility to

To carry out a full, non-destructive testing of the electronic modules, boards and separate elements, including the screening for the interruptions, faults, and burnt-out electronic details.

To carry out a functional diagnostic of the radioelectronic equipment according to the standard programs, on the basis of the customer’s algorithms or by comparing to the reference workpiece, including testing the reliability and carrying out special check-outs regarding the loads.

To extend a life cycle of the obsolescent electronic devices, in particular, restoring the lost technical documentation, offering modern alternatives for the burnt out elements.

To carry out a full engineering, in particular, creating the electronic modules at the modern scientific-technical level, functionally identical to those electronic circuits which are out of date and can not be repaired anymore.