The equipment for the production and testing of the semiconductors and ULIS (Ultra Large Integral Schemes)

Before mass producing each integrated circuit (microcontroller, processor, DAC/ADC, a memory module, an interface chip, an element of the high-power scheme goes through a complicated multiple procedures of testing. The target of this stage of development and production is to elicit all possible shifts from the full-time work, to check the chip in the most complicated conditions, and at the end, to get excessively reliable and working unit. The equipment, which AkTek XXI Ltd. offer, allows you to simplify, speed up and automatize this extremely  complicated and intensive work.

Our company aim is to satisfy the widest range of requirements of those market branches like wireless technologies, computing, automobile and entertainment systems. The developers and manufactures of the semiconductor devices all over the world use such kind of equipment to test the chips at such stages of the production process like schemes trials on the semiconductor plate and a final diagnostic of the integrated  circuit in the set up.

After the input monitoring and diagnostic the chips are built in the various products such as those of the industrial and household functionality, including: computers, mobile connection devices (wireless access points and interfaces), broadband access products (cable modems, DSL-modems), private communication products (mobiles, smartphones and tablet devices), household appliances (TV sets, videoplayers,  gaming systems, digital cameras, navigation devices, automobile electronics) and portable modules and power boxes.

AkTek XXI Ltd. is a business partner of the company COHU (США),, who is a world leader in the field of diagnostics and research of the semiconductors.